Environmental Steamer Cabinet

  • Environmental Steamer Cabinet
Environmental Steamer Cabinet
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 2000 unit

The Environmental Three Door Steamer Cabinet is designed with pre-mixing turbo jet burner and heat exchange chamber which improves the thermal efficiency by 25% and saves operation cost. No air blower design delivers a healthier working environment to the chef with noise level below 70dB(A). With the built-in electronic ignition device and flame failure device module, chefs can easily control the unit without safety hazard.

Environmental Steamer Cabinet

1.Extra safe operting system: equipped with electromagnetic valve flame failure device on each individual burner

2.Equipped with pre-mixing turbo jet burners improve on thermal efficiency and reduce on emission. Under normal operation, only takes around 8 minutes to generate continuous steam.

3.Standard comes with water level detection and overheat sensor to prevent the unit overheats and prolongs the life span of chamber

4.Equipped with water conditioner to eliminate the formation of limescale

5.Rotary lock for secure shut to eliminate steam leakage

6.Multi shelvings for mass production

7.Equipped with steam ON/OFF valve to control steam flow

8.Slanted top design in each deck to prevent condense dripping

9.Two steps open door design helps prevent steam burn

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