Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer

  • Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer
  • Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer
Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 2000 unit

Featuring an extraordinary high output and lightning fast recovery time, the NEWWAY Twin Pan Electric Fryer is perfect for use in restaurants, concession stands or pizzerias which require a reliable and powerful fryer. With a space efficient footprint and robust design(total17kW), they put out massive power to fry a variety of popular appetizers and entrees like French fries, funnel cakes, onion rings and hot wings. Other features such as a large 12 liter oil capacity in each open tank, two large and solid menchanical knob controls, 1 inch drain valve for simple draining, over temperature cut-off and element lift cut-off for safe operation. This is simply an all rounded electric floor fryer, make it a must-have for any scale of operation.

Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer

1.17KW heavy duty performance split tank electric fryer, impressive heat retention and instant temperature recovery. (8.5KW high-performance stainless-steel heating elements per pot)

2.Unique split tank open-pot design offers authentic food flavor without cross use and safeguard oil quality. 

3.High quality stainless steel 304 Open-pot design, easy to clean and hygiene. 

4.Offers the flexibility of using only half the fryer for energy conservation

5.Solid mechanical knob controls . Accurate temperature control from 50℃ to 190℃

6.Large easy use controls with easy view scale. 

7.Indictor lights for power and heating (per tank)

8.Element tilt switch for heating cut-out on element lift for safe operation

9.Over temperature safety cut-out and master control cut-off for trouble-free operation

heavy duty electric fryer

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