Dim Sum Steamer

  • Dim Sum Steamer
Dim Sum Steamer
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 2000 unit

Dim Sum Steamer adopt the design from steam cabinet which benefits all its features into one. Steaming as one of the most traditional cooking methods, this dim sum steamer is suitable for dim sum, rice roll, rice steaming, seafood and many more.

Dim Sum Steamer

1.Extra safe operting system: equipped with electromagnetic valve flame failure device on each individual burner

2.Equipped with pre-mixing turbo jet burners improve on thermal efficiency and reduce on emission. Under normal operation, only takes around 8 minutes to generate continuous steam.

3.Standard comes with water level detection and overheat sensor to prevent the unit overheats and prolongs the life span of chamber

4.Extruded seamless table top for longevity and hygiene

5.Drainage valve for daily maintenance to prevent limescale

dim sum

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