Pig Roaster

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Pig Roaster
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 2000 unit

Pig Roaster is an essential equipment in Chinese Roasting. The roasting chamber is surrounded with fire bricks and heat radiant in every corner in order to perfectly roast the pig with crispy skin.

Pig Roaster

1.Equipped with 3 powerful burners and 3 levels of setting to manipulate flame power

2.Standard comes with heat radiant and refractory balls which helps to make even heat distribution on the roaster surface. Together with surrounded fire brick design, pre-heat time reduces dramtically compare to conventional pig roaster.

3.V-shaped splasher for holding the roasting fork

4.Removable heat radiant panel for easy cleaning

5.Built-in flame failure device for extra safety

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