70 Lb. Gas 5 Tube Freestanding Fryer

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70 Lb. Gas 5 Tube Freestanding Fryer
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 2000 unit

NEWWAY FS Gas Fryer is high capacity, high production feature front sloping vessel bottom for extra depth oil level and high performance burners for instant recovery. Cool Zone feature consists of a front sloping vessel bottom traps food particles and prevents carbonization in the fry zone. Reduces flavor transfer and extends oil life. Deeper vessel allows for extra depth oil level for frying larger products. High performance burners provide instant recovery at peak production.

70 Lb. Gas 3 Tube Freestanding Fryer

1.All models can be operated using Natural or LP gas.

2.Removable exhaust flue for easy cleaning.

3.Fully welded stainless steel fry tank, embossed to reflect the correct oil level

4.Integral fry vat cold zone below tube burners promotes longer oil life and better tasting food/flavor when properly used and maintained.

5.Millivolt control scheme eliminates the need for an electrical connection

6.Imported high quality thermostat control between 200~400°F (90~200℃).

7.Two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets included.

8.6 inch stainless steel adjustable legs offer superior corrosion resistance

9.Heat exchange tubes with high heat baffles (30,000 BTU/each)

10.Easily lit, durable standing pilot that deliver energy-efficient, standby mode if fryer is idle

11.Oil capacity: 

NWFS-3  40lb.(20 liter)

NWFS-4  50lb.(25 liter)

NWFS-5  75lb.(37 liter)

High performance gas fryers

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