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  • 48" Countertop Gas Griddle

    Countertop Griddles are small and used on a countertop base, they also free up valuable kitchen space. The manually controlled 30,000 BTU burners sit underneath the flat top, 3/4" thick griddle plate to heats quickly and retain heat throughout hours of use. Ideal for cooking up burgers, vegetables, pancakes, eggs, bacon, grilled cheese, and other delicious dishes.

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    48" Countertop Gas Charbroiler

    NEWWAY countertop gas radiant charbroilers gives you the ample space needed to grill meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. The burners are positioned under a radiant(an angled piece of metal) to direct the heat up toward the grates and food for consistent and quality cooking. This angle also channels grease away from the flame and into the drip pan for easier clean-up. The cast iron reversible grate are designed for level or inclined use, and are extremely durable and retain heat well creating even grill marks.

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