electric floor fryer

  • Twin Tank Electric Freestanding Fryer

    Featuring an extraordinary high output and lightning fast recovery time, the NEWWAY Twin Pan Electric Fryer is perfect for use in restaurants, concession stands or pizzerias which require a reliable and powerful fryer. With a space efficient footprint and robust design(total17kW), they put out massive power to fry a variety of popular appetizers and entrees like French fries, funnel cakes, onion rings and hot wings. Other features such as a large 12 liter oil capacity in each open tank, two large and solid menchanical knob controls, 1 inch drain valve for simple draining, over temperature cut-off and element lift cut-off for safe operation. This is simply an all rounded electric floor fryer, make it a must-have for any scale of operation.

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  • Commercial Single Tank Electric Fish Fryer

    The ideal combination of efficiency and volume, the NEWWAY NWEF61 & NWEF62 high production electric floor/fish fryer is an excellent addition to any restaurant looking to increase profits from chicken tenders, French fries, and other popular fried foods! This fryer has self-standing, long-life heating elements, melt cycle switch and over-temperature reset button. For optimal temperature control, a built-in thermostat reacts and adjusts quickly to varying load capacities. The fryer's sloped bottom and drain pipe allow for quick, easy cleaning and maintenance.

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