The winter solstice feast and NEWGEN 3-door steamer cabinet
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In Chinese traditional festival -- The Winter Solstice.We cook the Steamed chicken and steamed fish for the employees!
The chef is our Deputy General Manager -MR.Fan. He cut the chicken and fish, use the traditional method of Pickling. The seemingly simple, but he needs to be very patient.

The catering equipment is our #3-doors steamer cabinet#.The kitchen is our test room.We should do some preparation in cooking before.First of all! We clean the inside of it, and then 40 minutes in the preheated.After the completion of preparations, just put the chicken and fish into the 3-door steamer cabinet. We don't need to wait for a long time, the machine work efficiency is very high, it is beyond your imagination!

Want to know how our chef Mr.Fan's cooking?Needless to say, our colleagues eats very happy!